Pickering Creek Clean Up - 2018

Pickering Creek Clean Up - 2018

On Saturday April 14 our Chapter conducted its 5th Annual Pickering Creek Clean Up Day in keeping with our adoption of that special stream and its environs.  And helping to make it special we were treated to the best weather day of the year so far.  The Clean Up was held in conjunction with Charlestown Township’s Earth Day activities.


Our group of 10 filled a good dozen trash bags with everything from cigarette butts to (empty) quart bottles of whisky and beer cans galore.   We covered all of the fishing walking trails throughout the Delayed Harvest stretch and also the entire length of Pickering Dam Rd which earned us some friends among the residents of the area.


Many thanks to those who attended:

Bob and Sue Ellen Powell

Bob and Sue Heindel

Mike Scheunemann

Eric Bennetsen

Harry Meeker

Tom Smith

Patrick Davitt

Ron Vaccaro