Christina Muller

Chapter Meeting: Wednesday, September 26 • 7pm • Join us for a SPECIAL EVENT!

Christina Muller
Chapter Meeting: Wednesday, September 26 • 7pm • Join us for a SPECIAL EVENT!

Hello Chapter Members and Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well as the summer comes to a close. 

I want to invite you to a special event, the first ever in our chapter’s history: An IRON FLY competition at our next meeting -- this Wednesday, September 26 at 7 pm at the Square Circle Club in Gibbsboro, our usual meeting place.

IRON FLY can be a lot of fun and bring us all back together. It involves chapter members tying flies using the contents of individual mystery bags which are prepared and distributed by us. Bring your tying vise, tools, thread, light, and imagination.

I expect we will have  2 tables of 6 tyers each round (based on the number of competitors). The rounds will be 10 minutes each.  The number of rounds will be based on the number of tyers. We expect there will be one winner each round and at the end, the winners will be judged for a GRAND PRIZE -- or if we can't decide, a tie off.  Tyers cannot tie 2 rounds consecutively.

This is for fun so we expect everyone to participate and have a good laugh. Its ok, and even expected, that we gently heckle the tyers.  Everyone will have an opportunity to participate.

We have attempted to get independent judges.

We will donate the flies to a good cause unless you would rather keep yours, either way, its ok. This is for fun.

If you know of someone who may be interested in joining, this will be a good opportunity to invite them to a fun event and participate.

Our folks from Orvis were kind enough to offer some materials and a few extra vises/tools kits to use from their Thursday night fly tying group.

We will take a few minutes before we start for a couple of interesting announcements.

I hope to see you there, the dry run we did at the picnic was fun!

Best regards, Ron