A Special Note to all Members

A Special Note to all Members

Dear Members Of Ray Neirle Chapter of Trout Unlimited;

As a member of the Ray Nierle Chapter of Trout Unlimited, I am writing you to invite you to a meeting.  Our Chapter has a large number of members. Unfortunately, many do not make it to the hosted activities or the meetings. 

Our meetings have been very interesting due to the speakers presenting to our group and our own members giving fishing and activity reports.  We recently were visited by Cole Baldino, NJ/Delaware River Coordinator from Trout Unlimited. Cole is in charge of the Upper Delaware Watershed conservation projects. He described recent projects, some on the waters we fish.  We learned that there will be opportunities to work on projects coming up on the Musconetong and Lopatcong. The project on the Lopatcong is not in our area but we fish it. 

Many members would like to see the Chapter become more involved in conservation projects even if we partner with other chapters and organizations. 

When we get into a project from the start, we get to see the damage, hear the plan and see how the habitat improves as we remediate the areas. We will also the benefactors of good cold, clear fisheries that can hold trout. Our members should be excited about this. I would like to add that 3 of our college/college bound members will be participating in these projects from the beginning and we will all be invited to an Initial Site Visit  before and during the project. Members will also be invited to volunteer for these projects.

We are expecting good speakers this year. 

One speaker is CEO of a group, “Trout Power” that discovered previously unknown strains of brook trout and a video of their efforts to send their “lost boys” into the deep woods of the Adirondacks to find these fish and apply citizen science techniques to document the findings. They followed notes from a man’s diary who fished the area 100 years ago. We also expect to host our Chapter friends like Tim Flagler, Brian Cowden and Cole Baldino.  We will continue to rely on Jerry M and Mike M to get us a good speakers. The speaker information will be included with future newsletters and on the website.

We have a good time at the Pickering, our adopted stream.

The stream, which is in Pa is closer than many of our fisheries here in NJ, less than an hour away, and access is very good. We credit Bob H with keeping our stream in good shape.  The kind of place you can fish all day. So not only do we stock the stream, we keep our stream clean too. We volunteer for clean up or stocking days. The landscape is changing at the Pickering , if you haven’t been there for awhile, Jerry’s sycamore, the tree that was laying across the stream,  got straightened out a couple of years ago by a winter storm. And I understand another tree got moved recently. Bob is a good guy. He keeps track of the stream and usually is joined by family to clean up and stocking days. He walks the walk. 

We have people fishing all over and they are welcome to tell their stories and show pictures, videos or slide shows.

On any given weekend, weather cooperating, you will have a chance to fish through the Chapter.  A committee of our members has installed a “groupme” app so you can see who in our chapter is fishing and where…a real time bulletin board. We still have lots of folks you can call about conditions too.  If I had a nickel for everytime I asked Bob R how the Po was fishing, I would have at least a buck.  

We will try to do some overnights trips too. 

When a chapter has enough people, we have enough diversity to host different activities, fishing, trips and conservation projects for our members.  Members are welcome to share details about the fishing, whether bass fishing in Canada, fishing in Greenland or Bolivia or the Musky. We have folks that fish the Upper Delaware for a long weekend.  The drive home is easier with someone to talk to.

Ladies in our Chapter are very involved in other organizations related to fishing such as Casting for Recovery providing help to those diagnosed with cancer. 

We are discussing a veteran’s group to assist veterans who may need our help learning the sport or assistance with access into a fishing spot or casting.

We have some bright young folks in our chapter too.

One of the TU National Teen Summit teens is our member, so when you go to Orvis, say hello to Cameron. We are sending three of our college/college bound members to a conservation project on Lopatcong from the very beginning. Dimitri, Cameron and Jake were accepted for that TU team.  Of course, don’t forget our seasoned members. I recently attended a fishing discussion at LL Bean because Bob P was leading it.   Just be prepared, he asks questions, so you better know the difference between fly fishing and spin fishing, or Jerry showing how to fish a mop fly. The list of these folks is long and they are the core of the Chapter.

We are beginning to communicate with the other TU chapters in the northeast US area.

We were invited to join another chapter’s bass, beer and brats day on the Lackawanna up in the Scranton PA area.  Their chapter president offered to send us out early with some of their guys to act as guides for us… that’s what I’m talking about, fraternity among TU anglers. 

We have had some good fishing trips. 

There has been a lot of fishing going on and we are getting many reports from our members. I encourage everyone to send in a picture(s) and a short report for the newsletter.

So after 3 years, I have met many people who have made me feel welcome from my first trip with Mark, Christina, Chris and Milan and others on the Little Lehigh fishing for trout to my latest wet wading at Atsion with Nick G for bass. No bass but a nice black crappy. Still a fun few hours, water was comfortable, no ripping current. The Atsion fishing was completely arranged using the soon to be released groupme app. Nick posted the event and I responded.

Our chapter will have a lot going on and more to come so won’t you come out to a meeting and say hello. See old friends and make some new. 

I have volunteered to be president.  Joe R and his predecessors put a lot into this. I will ask for help, I learned early on, many hands make easy work.  So I appreciate that you have read the letter this far.  Conservation of our natural recources is a great cause and fishing is a fun pastime.

I look forward to seeing you.


Ron Vaccaro