Volunteers Needed for Landmark Project • June 18

Volunteers Needed for Landmark Project • June 18

Hello TU Volunteers,

New Jersey TU will be hosting two certified aquatic organism passage (AOP) culvert assessment trainings on June 6th and June 18th 2019. Volunteers will be certified under NAACC, a network of individuals from universities, conservation organizations, and state and federal natural resource and transportation departments focused on improving aquatic connectivity across a thirteen-state region from Maine to West Virginia. 

This training is being provided in an effort to prepare volunteers who would like to participate in an ongoing project designed to develop a prioritized road-stream stream crossing inventory that will inform future coldwater habitat project selection, fill necessary knowledge gaps, and provide a baseline from which to monitor future projects, and ultimately lead to projects that will increase and improve Eastern brook trout habitat connectivity; as well as flood resilience and water quality throughout the Flat Brook watershed in NJ. This is especially important since the Flat Brook watershed is NJ’s only brook trout stronghold.

NAACC protocol will be used to conduct culvert surveys, and those receiving the training will be certified as NAACC Lead Observers.  As a result of the prioritization of these stream crossings; plans will be made to replace culverts to restore AOP (to open spawning and thermal refugee), reduce sediment pollution in brook trout streams and increase the flood resilience of these structures.

Both trainings will begin with a presentation at 5:30 PM in the lodge at YMCA Camp Linwood MacDonald (1 Flatbrook Road, Sandyston, NJ 07826), which will be followed by in-the-field culvert assessment examples within the Flat Brook watershed (expect to last until approximately 8:00 PM).   Light refreshments and drinks will be served, and it is recommended that participants bring waders for in the field culvert assessment examples, as well as a notebook.

Two certified TU staff will be leading these trainings; we look forward to meeting everyone and continuing this exciting project with assistance from TU volunteers.   Trained volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in culvert assessments through the duration of this project (June-August 2019 and potentially beyond if help is needed in other watersheds.

If interested please RSVP to either myself (garret.kratina@tu.org) or Cole Baldino (cole.baldino@tu.org ) with what date you will be attending.   Additionally, please let either of us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Garret Kratina


NJ Conservation Technician

Trout Unlimited