Fishing Contest October 2019... the species is...

Fishing Contest October 2019... the species is...

Just announced! The target species for the October 2019 contest is…

Largemouth Bass

Get your fly rods ready and get fishing. Official tournament timeframe is October 1 through October 31, 2019. Send all of your photos to or share on our GroupMe Page.

If you need to join our GroupMe app, please email Mike Moran

If you have not registered for the contest, you can do so any time via email,, up until October 1st. Suggested donation of $5, which can be paid to our treasurer, Eric Bennetsen at the next meeting you attend.

Official rules are below.

Good Luck!!!

RN|TU is proud to introduce a new concept to encourage members to take to the water, and explore all that NJ has to offer!

From warmwater panfish, to coldwater species, to the shore, this unique monthly fishing contest will feature a specific target species each month to be caught on fly tackle in New Jersey waters. Contestants have the entire calendar month to catch the biggest, smallest, first, or most numerous amount of that species.

Contest begins this October, 2019, with details and the first species to be announced at the September 25 meeting.

Any RN|TU member can participate. A $5 donation per monthly contest is suggested for contestants, and winners receive RN|TU merchandise. You can enter by attending the monthly meeting, or emailing

There are four winning categories per month. ONE PRIZE will be awarded each month to ONE of the following categories:

• The biggest fish of the month

• The smallest fish of the month

• The most amount of that species caught

• The first of that species caught that month (earliest day/time recorded)

The decision of which category wins that monthly prize will be drawn at random. This unique award approach is designed to level the playing field so experienced and inexperienced anglers, or folks with lots of time or very little time alike have equal shot at winning.

The goal of this fishing contest is to encourage all of our members to take to the water each month and enjoy all that New Jersey has to offer.

Additionally, contestants will be automatically entered into a grand prize drawing! The grand prize drawing will be held at the October 2020 meeting - culminating 12 months of contests!

If you have any questions about this contest, please email or attend our September, 25th meeting where the rules will be reviewed and first target species announced!

Offical Rules:

  1. Contestants must be current RN|TU members.

  2. At the monthly meeting, the target species for the next calendar month will be announced. An email will be sent the following day with the announcement as well. In months where there is no meeting, the target species will be announced via email. If you are not on the email list currently, contact

  3. Fish species will range from warmwater (ie pan fish and largemouth bass) to cold water (ie trout) to saltwater species (ie stripers).

  4. Contestants have the next full calendar month to fish for that species. Only target species caught within the calendar month specified are eligible for the contest.

  5. All fishing must be done in public New Jersey waters, and contestants must have a valid NJ fishing license and any required special permits. Local laws and water closures must be observed. Please read the NJ Fishing Digest for state laws and rules.

  6. Contestants can fish from the shore, boat, kayak, on foot, etc., as long as its legal for that waterbody.

  7. All fish must be caught on fly tackle with artificial flies only.

  8. Releasing of all fish is encouraged.

  9. Contestants must photograph their fish with a measuring device of some kind. This is an honor system contest, do your best to record your fish’s length.

  10. Fish must be photographed in the water, your net, on wet sand, or in your wet hand. Please handle fish carefully and respectfully. To encourage the safe handling of fish, photos of fish laying on the grass, dirt, docks, dry land, your truck tailgate, etc., will not be accepted.

  11. To enter your catch, email your photos, fish size, and water bodies of catch by midnight of the last day of that calendar month to: or share on our GroupMe app.

  12. Photos submissions will be reviewed and judged by the RN|TU committee and results tallied by the 20th of the month.

  13. Prize-winning category will be hat-drawn, winner announced, and prize awarded at the next meeting. In the event of no meeting that month, prize-winning category will be hat-drawn by the committee at the board meeting, and the winner will be announced via email by the 25th of the month. If you are a winner and not able to be present at the meeting, we will arrange to get your prize to you.

  14. In the event of a two-way tie for the randomly selected category winner, a coin will be flipped. In a multi-way tie, names will be drawn from a hat.

  15. Each participant will also be entered into a grand prize drawing to be awarded at the October 2020 meeting. Each contest entry counts as a grand prize entry. For example, if you participate in one monthly contest, you get one grand prize entry. If you participate in all 12 monthly contests, you get 12 entries. Winner will be hat-drawn at the October 2020 meeting.

Happy fishing!!!