Conservation Events 2019

New Jersey will have quite a few more conservation projects in 2019. These projects will require volunteers and some fundraising wouldn’t hurt. These projects will be beneficial to college and high schoolers as the work could qualify as extra credit or community service.

To join us on any of these projects, please email us!



Lopatcong Creek Habitat

Floodplain, and Riparian Restoration – tree plantings.



Flat Brook

Watershed-wide Road-stream Crossing Assessment-Assess Road-stream crossings and the need for culverts



NJ Brook Trout Reintroductions

Reintroduce Heritage Strain Brook Trout


Additional Programs 2019:

DRWI Riparian Plantings  & Columbia Lake Bed Planting
Obtaining and Planting Trees and Shrubs

Redd Survey Training
Training to perform red surveys across brook trout streams to confirm spawning of trout

Anderson’s Brook
Implement a management strategy to perform strean cleanups, riparian plantings, red surveys and assistance with removing a problemed culvert

DRWI Recreation
TU will help chapters hold events through the summer to lobby decision makers to help lobby for improved regulations and stream designations

Citizen Science Monitoring Program
Volunteers are needed to help with maintenance of Stroud MAYFLY Sensor Stations as well as supplemental sampling for water quality and discharge.  Volunteers will be needed.