February, 2019

Last nite, as I was wrapping up several days of checking rosters, emailing members, listening to TU webinars and checking events, I realized that we are a pretty lucky group. While we don’t have a lot of water, we have many good people who create opportunities for us.  

To point to one person would be unfair to everyone else. There are many activities that we can participate in and we are trying to get the word out to anyone who may be interested and any other groups that will have us. I must tell you that just during the month of January, we have 5 people that have expressed a serious interest in joining our chapter and another organization that wants to associate with us. That’s growth!

Last July, I said, as we grow our chapter, we diversify and open the doors to new activities and opportunities in conservation projects and fishing with our friends and families (kids are  invited). That is happening and I hope our chapter continues to grow and diversify. Of course, it is not just me, I can name ten people, young and old that make this happen. Sometimes I ask, sometimes I’m told, sometimes I listen and other times we start to talking and come up with ideas to think about.

I feel like we are on the right track.

Ron Vaccaro