2019 Fishing Trips

Shannon's Private Water Fishing

The BUZZ is on!  The trip to Shannon's for a day of fishing on private waters has been announced at the Banquet. If anyone is interested, send me an email.

Bass trips, local trout fishing, upstate trout trips and maybe a longer trip to Montana - we’re an active bunch that gets out and about!

When a formal trip calendar comes together, we’ll post it here. But in the meanwhile, our members frequently post fishing trips and catch reports on our facebook page.

We also chat as a group on last minute trips on the app GroupMe, or we’ll send an email out to those who are interested. If you’d like to be on our trip roster, fill in the form below.

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Volunteer Position Available!

This year, I urge anyone who may have interest in taking on the role of fishing trip coordinator to reach out to me, or another Chapter leader. If you aren’t sure that you can commit to the role, but have waters that you enjoy fishing, and know well, and could host a single fishing trip (or a few) this season, that would be helpful, too!